Posted on Jan 27, 2014

Keeping That Heat in Your Home Over the Winter Months

We are now in the midst of that time of year which many of us hate. Aside from being cold, dark, and miserable, it can also be costly to heat your house. Londoners will all be aware of the latest plan to use excess heat generated by the underground to heat people’s homes. It is a neat idea and hopefully something that will be extended to more homes over time. However, if you are not one of the lucky people who get all that heat, there are some things that you can do over the winter to keep those bills down and your home cosy.

furMake Sure Your House Is Heat-Friendly

There are lots of places in your house where all of that heat you are paying for can just disappear to, and we do not want that. It is always a good idea to check once in a while that you are airtight. Get a candle and ensure that there is no cold air coming in through gaps in the windows or doors. If you find gaps, plug them with a sealant or, for single-glazed windows, get some plastic glazing film to put up. It will make a difference. If you are not insulated fully, it might be possible to get some help with the costs – there are many grants available for this purpose, and it is worth checking them out. You do not have to do major DIY work in order to make your house warm. Simple things like putting up thicker curtains or blinds, rugs on hard floors, or draught excluder in your letterbox all add up.

Look After Your Heating

You wouldn’t forget to service your car every year, so do not forget to do the same for your heating system. It is over the cold snaps that you can be sure that unserviced and neglected heating systems will fail. If they do, make sure that you find a reputable professional service for your new boiler installation in London. If you keep your boiler serviced, though, it should serve you well for many winters to come. Some people consider boiler insurance, too. If you are considering this option, make sure that you do your research on the options available to you.

Look After Yourself

Even when your home is warm and cosy, the winter months can be gruelling on our minds and bodies – making us feel cold regardless. Avoid this by ensuring that you look after yourself during these months by eating hot and regular meals and by drinking those hot cups of cocoa. Wrap up warmly with several layers so that you can turn the thermostat down a degree – allowing you to save on that bill. If you are entitled to help with your heating bills, make sure that you contact the relevant people and get it. This is a time of year that can make people struggle financially, and you should not have to do without heating when there was help out there for you.

If all else fails and your heating breaks down, go to that coffee shop or the library. Friends and relatives will always be happy to see you, I am sure. Make the most out of someone else’s heating on occasion and turn yours off.

Image attributed to Stuart Miles

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